There are many Songwriting competitions running worldwide but I have never thought about entering into any of them, for all kinds of reasons.  Perhaps I'm not the kind of person who enjoys 'boasting' achievements? Perhaps I have wanted to keep a realistic perspective on things and not let 'competition' become a compelling or driving factor in my songwriting world?

For many of us songwriters and performers, lockdown 2020/21 was very challenging and frustrating, so I decided to look again at the songwriting competitions going on.  I invited members of our band to come over to my basement studio and record vocal and instrumental demo tracks of some of my songs.   I then visited the competition websites and, with baited breath, uploaded the MP3's, lyrics and competition fee!  Then sat back and waited!

Surprisingly, the songs entered did ok in the competitions, so I am sharing the results here.  It's been encouraging and salutory to know that complete strangers, and some of them successful songwriters, have responded positively to these songs. 

Barry Lane
February 2022

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