The Kino Sessions 2019

The Kino Sessions have become an annual evening concert of poetry and music presenting music from Barry Lane and the Fridge Mechanics, supported by guest musicians and bands, all glued together by MC'ing and performance poetry from Spikey Tim!   Here are some video's of the Fridges performing at the Kino Sessions in December 2019.  We were delighted to have local indi folk musician Shaun McCrindle playing one of our songs, also James Anderson adding beautiful upright bass, and some fantastic sax playing from Kevan Attridge. 

 Nailhouse - with video by Diane Taylor - Redcliffe Films

Breathfarer - lead vocal Evie Rainey accompanied by Celia Duplock

Setting out my Stall - feat. guest sax player Kevin Attridge

Beauty Obscured by Flowers - feat. fiddle player Paul Meagre


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