about the musicians

I began writing sonbadlydrawnbuddhistgs at the age of 14 and have recorded and performed music in various bands for most of my life. Songwriting is my way of connecting and sharing life experiences with others and my song lyrics often have an edge and a surprise, mostly for me!  I also enjoy performing with poets and actors, producing and recording their CD's and voice reels.

Sometime in 2005 I made the decision to finally 'put myself out there' as a songwriter, knowing that if I didn't do it then at the tender age of nearly 55, then I never would!  Along the way, I have been really lucky to work with a lot of other wonderful musicians in various 'bands'.  Quite a few of these people have become close friends who have believed in me and my music and inspired me in their own ways to write my songs and get out on stage.  Here are some biographies and backgrounds of people currently in the band and helping me getting my songs 'out there'.

Barry Lane
(Badly Drawn Buddhist) 2016


 Glyn Owen has been a percussionist since he learnt orchestral percussion through the Bristol Music School and then began transferring this knowledge into playing the drum kit. He has played drums with many Bristol based bands such as Dirtbox and the Cats Whiskers Ceilidh Band and also plays guitar and sings with Catbrain Hill and the Woodlands Church Group in Bristol.  He joined the Fridges in mid 2017 and the songs are really benefiting from his imaginative, expressive drumming alongside Jon Attree's bass lines. 


 joninconcertJon Attree from the Forest of Dean has been playing bass guitar for many years for bands such as Ghost of a Dog and Northstar Folk.  He is a well known and respected musician on the South Wales and South West UK circuit and is a keen photographer.  

He joined the Fridge Mechanics band mid-2017 and has already added his melodic and steady bass to many of our songs. 


Kevan IMG 3273Kevan Attridge has lived in Bristol since being at the Bower Ashton art college in the early 1980’s. Prior to this his only formal musical training was at senior school in Farnborough, when he was obliged to join the school choir, leading to his first recording as one of the back row alto vocalists in Handel’s Messiah.   At college he had a spell as entertainments officer, helping to arrange and promote concerts, and running the occasional disco. Please don’t mention the Cosmic Kev Roadshow.  It was only as recently as the turn of the millennium that he took up playing an instrument rather than just turntables, and rented an alto saxophone for lessons to see how it would go. The lessons continue and there is now a soprano sax alongside his alto.  His first public outings were with the now retired Westerly Showband. They continue with the Mini Massive Sax Flextet, which he helped to form, and with the Brass Disciples who have played at The Old Duke, at Bristol Pride and the Harbour Festival.   Kevan played with some of the Brass Disciples on our last CD, Resilience in November 2019, and has regularly appeared with us at gigs since;  hopefully NinaHeadbringing his mellow and lively sax tones to our songs.

Nina Lifely  has been singing since she was a small child growing up in the shadow of Tilbury power station on the Thames Estuary.

She started out in school choirs and progressed to the Kent Youth Choir and the Queens’ College Chapel Choir, Cambridge, where she was the first in her family to attend university.

This classical training has gifted her with an enchantingly pure voice with a wide range which she puts to good use in singing folk and many other styles. She has recently focused on singing Georgian folk music and appeared on Georgian breakfast TV during a tour there in 2019.

She is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing flute, recorder, whistle, guitar and keyboards. As well as singing with the Fridge Mechanics, she is a singer-songwriter in her own right and released her debut album, Dragonfly Clouds, in the same year.

faceshotRichard Godfrey has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old and started playing & performing in bands in and around Devon from the age of 13.  After moving to Bristol in 2006 with this previous band he continued to play and perform at various venues in Bristol.

Work and raising a young family have taken more of a priority recently and it been 8 years since Richard has played in a band however his passion for music has never dwindled and finds inspiration in most music types and lists and range of influences from Radiohead to Blues Greats such as Freddy King.

He joined the Fridges in February 2019 and has already brought some lovely new guitar sounds to our songs.


Friends of the Fridges!

One lovely feature of our band is how lucky we have been to play with some long standing band members over the years.  But, circumstances change and some have wanted to move on, play in other bands, perhaps unable to commit the time to do gigs and rehearsals, or left the country altogether!  It is also very special that these people have remained fine friends and some even able to continue to contribute along the way, popping up to support gigs when band members cannot make it, or guesting on CD recordings.  Our last CD Resilience had 5 guest musicians appearing, who added so much to the music, and the fun.

So, here are a selection of some of those no longer playing full time in the Fridges, but still contributing as they can.  And much valued too!

eviecroppedEvie Rainey -  Alas, has chosen to move back to New Zealand in June 2020 after playing in the band for over two years.  She brought her warmth, lovely singing and amazing musical dexterity to many of our songs, often taking the lead and delivering the song very powerfully.  We will certainly miss her.  She was the first member of our family on my wife Sarah's side we have ever played with!   We are hoping she can still contribute virtually to our music occasionally - perhaps adding some vocal harmonies and lines when we make our next CD.  That would be very special.  Travel well Evie!  

celiaduplock onwhite smallerCelia Duplock  has been a good friend and fellow musician for over 35 years, appearing in nearly every band we have formed since the early 90's.  Sadly, she found she could not keep up coming to gigs and rehearsals and needed to concentrate on other aspects of her life.  She formally left the band at the end of 2019.  Her contribution was huge and is much missed, so we are hoping that somehow she can come and guest in the band when she can, perhaps singing on new CD's we do.  We really hope so.  Ce lives near Cirencester where she works as an artist, teacher of macrobiotics and representing contemporary artists.

jamescolourJames Anderson played with the Fridges for over 10 years, probably longer.  He is a much valued friend and one of those acoustic bass players who can play a song almost without having heard it before.  Over the years he played with the band at many festival and club gigs, as well as many of our CD's.  He left the band a few years ago to explore new territory and is now a member of The Rock and Roll Angels, another Bristol based indie band.  But he continues to guest with our band when our bass player cannot make a gig, and also appeared on our last CD, Resilience.  


 paulwithfiddleingardenPaul Meager lives in Bristol with his family and has played in many ceilidth bands.  He studied music at Dartington College of Arts and Royal Forest of Dean College and works as a Music Therapist.  He has dropped in on Fridges gigs for many years .  He brings great energy to our gigs, and plays inventive and creative fiddle on many of our songs.   He has left the band for now, but we are really looking forward to playing some gigs with him up ahead.