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barrystandingplustitle2There have been quite a few bands down the years!  [Scratches head]: the first band when I was 17 was The Next of Kin, with Janet (Nut), my recently deceased Mum, Pete, Frank (also recently deceased) and PaulAstonishingly, 45 years later, I recently met Janet nd we caught up on eachother's lives.  And I have also been in contact with many of the musicians I played with around the time of the Next of Kin.  Go to Listen/Blast from the Past for original recordings and more details.

Then during our college daze there was TLR (Tipper Loppo and Rudi) with Debbie, David, and John, who disappeared to somewhere in Wales. 

Later on while living in London Moonmat with another David, and Ruth (recently deceased);  then in Bristol Portheras with Helen, Alex, Mike, and Tony and Common Ground with Hao, John, Jean and Marek. 

A few years later After the Poets with Ce and Tony, then with Mel (who also played years later in the Fridges), Mike and Alex, performing occasionally with the poet troupe The Awfully Nice Poets.

Anyone who has studied the band-member history of folk-rock bands like Fairport Convention or Steely Span will understand that nothing is ever ‘fixed’ when it comes to band members!  That seems to be just how it is in the music business, and particularly folk-rock bands it seems.  We have certainly seen a few musicians come and go the past few years.  With the departure of Ce and Evie from the band and finding our new vocalist Nina, the current Fridge Mechanics band currently comprises  Barry, Rich, Nina, Glyn, Jon and Kevan.   We are hoping to recruit a fiddle/violin player along the way.  You can read about the current Fridge Mechanics musicians HERE.

With everything scuppered by Corona, every gig planned for 2020 went by the wayside.  It doesn't look as if life music venues are going to open again until well into 2021, unless there is a big lockdown turn around.  Audiences sitting in very close proximity and 6 or 7 band members spraying all over the stage 6ft away is a recipe for viral disaster?  Anyway, hoping that all the venues and events survive, we are hoping all the events we missed will happen in 2021.  It promises to be quite a year for musicians and audiences alike.  We will update the web diary as gigs get confirmed.  We finally published our CD Resilience in May 2020, just before lockdown, not brilliant timing, but it's now on all music social networks.  Given the lack of live playing and rehearsal opportunities we are beginning to work toward recording another CD late 2020 or early 2021 - working title is 'Legacy'  Watch this space! 

Click HERE for more information about the musicians I play with.

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June 2020