Talent is Timeless


The Global age-positive acoustic Songwriting Competition  and online Community for experienced generations (50+) .  From the Talent is Timeless website:   "By shining a light on a 50+ years only stage, we are focusing on promoting acoustic music makers, pairing you with one in a lifetime prizes, world-renowned celebrity judges and unlocking industry opportunities that may have felt a past lifetime away. We want to encourage people to begin their careers in the music industry without feeling that age is a barrier. By supporting you, we support change and create a chance to change perspective."

 This was my first competition entry in 2021, so a real surprise to learn I had moved through Round 1 of the competition as a finalist and was able to compete in Round 2.  That was more than enough for now, and happy to have achieved that!   The song entered was "I Love the Way", a song written for my partner a few years ago, with lovely guitar accompaniment from our band guitarist Richard Godfrey.   Also on the playlist is my entry for 2022;   "Leaving Home", sung by Nina Lifely accompanied by Richard Godfrey and Jonathan Attree on bass.

I Love the Way  pdfdownload Leaving Home pdfdownload



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