the valindra sessions

velindra-pub-bristolBetween 2015 and early 2016 there was an excellent Open Mic at the Valindra Pub in Redcliff, Bristol, UK.  The Open Mic was run by Barry Walsh, a Bristol based musician with his own excellent Barry Walsh Band and a real belief in the benefit of Open Mics, regularly running 3 or 4 across the Bristol area.  Barry and the Fridge Mechanics visited the Valindra on a few occasions and Barry Walsh was kind enough to offer us some extended sets. 

Most of the Open Mic sessions at the Valindra were recorded on video by Andrew Goddard and published on his YouTube channel Open Mic & Acoustic Music Videos. Sadly, Andrew no longer produces these videos and, also sadly, the Valindra is now 'refurbished' and renamed The Nook, and without an Open Mic either!  The loss of a great service, thankyou Andrew and Barry Walsh for recording and running an Open Mic with admosphere, encouraging and supporting some great musicians and performers. 

These were special sessions for our band, as we often played with just a few of us and all the musicians;  James Anderson (Acoustic Bass), Micko (acoustic/electric guitars) and Jamie Hill (percussion and drums) managed to pull off some really amazing performances.  It was never a quiet Venue, but those listening in the audience were always appreciative!  Barry and the Fridges pulled off some energetic and inspired performances over the months we were visiting.  Here are a few of the 'Valindra Sessions' from 2015/2016. 

Click on the links below to watch and listen to a selection of the Barry Lane and the Fridge Mechanics Valindra Sessions! (sounds very Transatlantic doesn't it!?).

Barry (vocals/guitar), Micko (Acousticguitar),
James (Acoustic Bass) and Jamie (percussion)


Captive Everywhere



The Shirt Song

The Flesh of Tibet

Barry (vocals/guitar) & Micko (Acoustic guitar)

The Flesh of Tibet

Re-invent Me

Silence and Separation

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